Almost always a very satisfying medium, mostly if the client is looking for something different and this happened to me with Alitalia, the Italian Association of Booksellers, the Italian Red Cross. Iíve been a good client myself, carrying out a selfpromotion for Artservice.
The client is always right until heís wrong.Unfortunately, this happens quite often, especially when his opinion is subject to his personal taste, and is not based on a sufficient knowledge of commercial communication.Concernine the relationship with my clients, Iím quite sensitive to this aspect.
I feel that the clientís wishes and expectations can be considered a priority only if they agree with its market references and the satisfaction of the marketís expectancy.(see CLIENT)
First of all, Iím not able to draw a straight line; but no worry, Iím collaborating daily with my ex-colleagues who guarantee the perfect fulfilment of my ideas and my formal and tecnical directions.
A number of factors contribute to a companyís corporate identity such as its name, logo & slogan etc. I created quite a few, complex projects like the penultimate logo of Aeroporti di Roma (including the livery of hundreds of means of transport), some logos for RAI (Italian public tv/radio), some logos for Alitalia divisions, Valturís penultimate, and then yex, Souvenir díItalie, Adriafilm, Ludotech.
Following the briefing, a cost estimate is a collaborationís first and very important step. But I would prefer to not submit a cost estimate without a presentation, maybe only a rough or written one, because I believe it is necessary to evaluate the quality of my job.
A good creative idea should not have to be explained, but normally I use to provide a creative strategy with every presentation.
One of marketingís latest frontiers, specifically targeted and essential to increase brand loyalty; I gained some experience in one-to-one marketing through personalized digital printing.